No Regrets

No doubt about it, I’m a lazy, lazy girl. My natural state is sedentary. My preferred milieu is the sofa in my living room. Mode d’emploi: watch Big Bang Theory and allow inertia to take over. Sometimes, getting up off my butt is a challenge, even to do the things I love. I can’t explain it. I’m an enigma wrapped in a waterproof jacket, enveloped in a PFD.

I often have to repeat this mantra to myself, when trying to get motivated to go to practice (or yoga, or work, or parties):

I never regret going. I only ever regret NOT going.

That has been true for me, every single┬átime. I’ve never regretted paddling in the rain (although that race in Alcan was a bit much).

We were soaked to the bone, but we bonded!

We were soaked to the bone, but we bonded!

I didn’t regret the practice where we got just a bit wetter than usual.

Habu Huli on Lake Washington, July 7 20011

It’s a water sport, people!

I didn’t regret the practice where I got the huge butt blister.


What, did you expect a butt-selfie? Just trust me, it was gross.

We’re starting up a new season, people! Get your blister-less butt to practice! I promise, you won’t regret it.

See you on the water! – Ilana

(Caveat: if you’re sick, stay home. I don’t want your cooties, Sneezy!)

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